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“Inside Lincs magazine”

We are proud to announce the arrivals of our 4th and 5th titles. “Inside Lincs 2”  and “Inside Bolsover”  launching May 2016 respectively. Each based on our already hugely successful and proven A-5 free distribution format “Inside Lincs magazine” … The original “Lincs” Publication since 2010

This provides our loyal advertisers with more choice, more reach ,and more solutions. Should any of our titles appeal to your business, or all of them, please contact our sales team on: 01522 394438.

Earn great rates of pay by delivering inside Lincs 2

£50.00 per 1,000 copies

If you live in one of the following areas:

Cherry Willingham / Reepham / Scothern /

 Nettleham / Sudbrooke.

 Contact our distribution manager, David on

07868 433 225 for further details and an informal chat.

New Launches


As the original Lincs magazine for the past 6 years we have one aim….

To serve our community, both residents and local trade. Our  2 titles offer blanket coverage of  most of Lincoln, (21,000 copies, EVERY MONTH) including the rural areas.

We do this through our two titles, Inside lincs main and Inside lincs -2.

We launched "Inside Lincs magazine" back in 2010, wow how time has flown!  We were the 1st, and original magazine Packed with  great features, including:

Gardening, Home improvement Ideas, Recipes, Competitions, Puzzles, Reviews "What's On"

and much more!  We were the FIRST A5 publication to introduce a high gloss, Laminated cover.

Our magazine grew from strength to strength and now have five publications,  and like a lot of our content, design and layout was soon copied by others.

Flattering as this is, it shows a lack of originality by our competitors!

We feel that one magazine cannot possibly cover a whole region like Lincoln, and provide all readers with an equal balance. We have broken the region into two, urban and rural offering both areas the familiarity of a trusted and long established brand. Some magazines may say they print 1,000's of copies -  Are they monthly, every six weeks,  or Bi-monthly?

If it sounds too good to be true . It probably is!!

Our distribution is a genuine, moreover, realistic number with a conservative total that is both believable and sustainable. "Inside Lincs magazine"   offers complete transparency regarding our print and distribution and are happy to prove how many copies we print...

21,000 EVERY MONTH.  NO VERBAL "GUARANTEES" -  Just the Facts. Feel free to call our printers: "Visual Print & Design"  on 01522 300222    (Not all magazines will let you do that!)

We have, and still do invest heavily in promoting our title on local radio, Lincs FM and Lincoln City radio, ensuring maximum publicity.  Of course, there is a huge cost to this but we feel it important to market our product.  No other free distribution does this..

We also sponsor a local soccer team and paint perfect raceteam, all flying the flag.

Again, No other free distribution does this…

We don't just simply sell advertising space. what a refreshing change!

Our frequency is monthly with 97% of our magazines going through letter boxes….

Not  just “Dumped” at drop off points or outlets - where the publication, and your advertising can sit for long periods and become stale.

1.       The quantity we print – the videos shows the counter and pallets of paper.

2.       The speed of which we print – 12,000 sheets per hour

3.       Quality – you will see a scanner scanning the colour bars at the top of the sheet of paper, this is done every 100 sheets to ensure colour consistency is kept within ISO standards. (Not many printers have this and it is called Densitronic and measures the density of the ink)

4.       The Dust/Spray powder – The powder you see on print machines is called spray powder, this is a layer of powder sprayed automatically onto each sheet of paper to stop the ink sticking to the next sheet of paper. It also helps the drying process.

5.       The Light at the delivery end of here the paper comes out – This is called infra red lighting which helps dry the ink as the sheet lands on the pile.

For enquiries call “Inside Lincs magazine” on: 01522 394438

Ever wanted to see a magazine in production?

           This is “Inside Lincs magazine” in production…                    

A Total of 21,000 copies EVERY MONTH.


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Inside Lincs magazine

Lincoln LN6 8EA

Telephone: 01522 394438

Mobile: 07856 376061


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“Inside Lincs Magazines”  - 2 quality monthly publications ... Lincoln’s BIGGEST monthly title, that’s actually a “Readable magazine” - not just an “Ad-Mag” with the “same old, same old” month in, month out!!

Packed with:

Interesting local features, great editorial content, latest gadgets, competitions, recipes, puzzles, holiday reviews, motoring reviews, gardening and much much more....

there really is something for everyone, delivered free to 18,000 homes & Businesses in Lincoln and surrounding Villages EVERY MONTH -

we believe we can certainly help get your name “Out there” ...

So to speak....

And perhaps some new sales, to a new audience, in different areas to where your advertising at the moment...

And with some very attractive advertising rates !!

Also available to view online EVERY MONTH @

Advertising packages are available to suit all budgets with easy payment terms and include free online and social media advertising.

And remember, ALL advertising is “Tax Deductible” - And we take monthly payments to help with cash flow! T&Cs Apply

We don't just sell advertising space… What a refreshing change!

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